… which if you know me at all, makes this all so ironic… because getting me to navigate a spreadsheet is a JOB and a half, I tell you. But I digress. 

It started with a spreadsheet. Specifically, a spreadsheet detailing my Australia itinerary that my friend mistook for a blog. A travel blog. And here we are, my friends. 

The best place to start this story is really in the middle — where Wayward Wander 1.0 went to die (I kid, I kid… kind of).

You see, had you stumbled upon this website five minutes ago, you would’ve seen outdated brunch reviews (but like… I hope those waffles in Chicago are still good!), how-to-save-on-travel articles (this was before I knew about Scott’s Cheap Flights… what was I even doing), and blogging tips (SEO for the win).

You also would’ve found links to an Instagram that hasn’t seen a new post in a year, a Pinterest account I never use, and I think there’s a Facebook page floating out on the Interwebz somewhere.

Around the time all of this stopped — the how-to articles, the carefully chosen Instagram photos, the “should I teach people how to blog?” back and forth — Kate Creative LLC (my current company) started growing rapidly.

Wayward Wander was a precursor to a much larger vision. A vision that, at the time, I didn’t know I was trying to bring to life. It started as a labor of love — a way to share pictures of adventures and give people travel tips. But really, my plan for it was to grow it into a business that would enable me to travel the world and help other people do the same. It was a side hustle to my side hustle.

Then my side hustle became a real hustle. And as KC LLC started to really pick up steam… I made some big life changes that really brought meaning to the whole “Wayward” and “Wander” thing.

So there I was, with three dogs, a cat, a mortgage, a growing business, and a new perspective of what I wanted out life. Being a travel blogger just didn’t seem to be “it” anymore. In fact, it completely fell off my radar.

But more importantly, I realized I didn’t want to teach people how to blog. I wanted to teach them how to find their voice, and I was going to do it through copy and messaging (because that’s where my ninja superpowers reside).

And so KC LLC grew, and Wayward Wander disappeared into the Internet Abyss.

And yet… I started traveling.

All. the. time.

Like… all the time. 

First, it was Paris with my mom… 

I took about 1000 photos of the Eiffel Tower. Every single one was crooked. Every. Single. One.
This was post wine and cheese. Or pre-wine and cheese. There was a lot of wine and cheese…
I call this one “Mom Being Adorable in Paris”

Then California for an epic retreat with #JazzyThings + a visit to see the fam… 

I STILL have my gratitude journal from this retreat… and I STILL keep up with friends from this group.
Right after this picture, my brother drove us through the hills and I schemed ways to get into parties we weren’t invited to (“Hey… I’m here with the ice for the cocktails!”)

Then Key West for a wedding (where I sweet talked my sister into being my date)… 

We had just narrowly escaped a big storm. And by narrowly I mean we went kayaking in it.
Peanut just naturally looking like a model.
I am known for my ability to make friends anywhere. And I mean anywhere.

Then Cape Cod for a girl’s weekend with my childhood bestie… 

Sand for dayzzzzz
We walked for miles and miles and miles.

Then an impromptu trip to Italy to pick up the peanut from study abroad… 

Taking in the sunset and fighting off jet lag at Lake Como
Seriously considered moving to Portofino.
I was very, VERY excited to be reunited with Peanut.

Then the trip of a lifetime in Vegas literally a week later with my ride or die… 

First, we strolled through the hotel. Then, we found dumplings + made a new best friend. Then, we ordered pizza and watched Thor.
We tried to walk the entire Strip. We gave up and went for wine.
Our last decent picture before the elevator mirror picture that preceded the Calvin Harris show (and the worst hangover I’ve ever experienced).

Then Tahoe for a wedding…. 

Hiking and hiking and hiking <3
Keeping things mature, per usual 💁‍♀️

Then back to France for a 12-year overdue trip with one of my oldest and bestest friends… 

An impromptu boat party on the Seine (where I lost my phone and almost didn’t get it back before the train left the next morning). #Nailedit
We fell in LOVE with Dijon
But I mean… we also fell in love with fall in Paris
One of TWO pictures we actually got together on the trip.

Then Laguna Beach for a life-changing experience at BBDLive (and a trip to Disney world with my brother + SIL because duh)… 

The look of pure joy on my face is because I FINALLY met the one and only James Wedmore in person and I managed to speak a whole sentence even though I was so nervous.
They surprised me with family Halloween-themed Disney shirts. Best. Day. Ever.

Then NYC with the notorious CK for another trip of a lifetime… 

We walked 40 blocks and it was so worth it.
Don’t mind me, just overjoyed by Christmas. Please send me every Tim Allen Christmas movie ever made.
I am also obsessed with Balto. That is all.

Then BACK to California for Thanksgiving… 

The one picture I have from this trip is of pie. Typical.

Then to Toronto to see my business bestie for the first time IN PERSON… 

There was Christmas and new city views and the most giggling.
Did I mention there was giggling? ALL the giggling!

Then BACK to Laguna in December and January for coaches training and COACHING at BBDLive (talk about serendipity)… 

The sunrise outside of the hotel
Did I mention I like Tim Allen Christmas movies?
That moment when you realize you’re doing EXACTLY what God put you here to do.

Then to Phoenix for a business bestie conference date…. 

Just a girl and her cacti
The botanical gardens!

Then back to California for Next Level Live…. 

Newport Beach
Took a long walk and saw some dolphins.
Led my first solo session + shared my story from stage for the first time.

Then off to Scotland and Ireland with CK… 

Our adorable street in Edinburgh.
Street art in Glasgow
The most beautiful hike in Skye

Then to Chicago for the mastermind of a lifetime… 

Raising the bridges!

Then to Tybee Island, the lake, and the lake 2.0… 

Beachin’ for a weekend.
The lake right before launch week.
The lake right after launch week.

And back to Cali for Next Level Part Two… 

Beach breaks are the best breaks.
Also… I got a 5 minute sunburn. #worthit

All in the last 16 months.

Tomorrow, I leave for Australia. And I STILL hadn’t even thought about Wayward Wander…

… until the damn spreadsheet (I KID, I KID! Kind of…). 

But suddenly, it’s back on the radar. 

You see, I realized something pretty dope when I blew the dust off of Wayward Wander today to share it with my friend. I realized that if it hadn’t been for this blog… KC LLC wouldn’t be where it is today. It was because of this blog that I first got the urge to quit my 9-5 and build something of my own. And so if I hadn’t been there… I wouldn’t be here

And here is having a business that enables me to travel the world and help others build businesses that enable them to do what THEY want to do in life. Funny how that all worked out, isn’t it? 

So, ladies and gents (or ya know… Mom, Dad, Jazzy, Peanut and R… because I KNOW y’all are reading this  😉), I give you Wayward Wander 2.0.

There are no blogging tips here, or how-to articles. No Instagram to go along with it or Pinterest strategy. 

Just a place to do what I encourage others to do on a daily basis — find your voice, share your voice, and own your voice.



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